The Homeschool Resource Roadmap has many "roads" by which you may find various resources available to you. Our most comprehensive feature is our soon-to-be available, by-subscription CURRICULUM GAZETTEER. The Gazetteer is actually like a detailed map, and you should study it if you know the name of a resource and want to see all the details we've compiled about it in one place.

Alternately, if you know the name of a resource and simply want to check on its position relative to common core, travel on over to our FREE Common Core Project. Or, if you know the subject area for which you're seeking materials, but need a quick survey of all the options, consider paying the "toll" (i.e., our very reasonable subscription fee) and then taking some time to peruse our Subject Area Project.

And in addition to those three big projects, we will soon offer - by subscription - a number of "bypasses" - i.e., smaller roads leading to very specific destinations:

  • Style/Approach Boulevard

    • the place to determine the particular homeschool "style" of each resource
  • Worldview Way
    • the place to discover which worldview/faith/religious perspective each resource presents
  • Online Delivery Lane
    • the place to confirm which resources are delivered online
  • Apps Avenue
    • the place to see which resources offer apps
  • Origins Drive
    • the place to learn which perspective on the origin on the universe - Old-Earth, Young-Earth, or Neutral - various history- and science-related resources espouse
  • Genre Street
    • to check on which Literature - Texts, Audio Library, and Video Library entities offer fiction and which have non-fiction
    • the place to find out which resources offer some or all materials for free

We're currently devoting every spare minute to finalization of the Curriculum Gazetteer. When it launches, all the Bypasses will also open - and at the same time we'll introduce significant improvements to the Subject Area Project. In the meantime, the current Subject Area Project remains open during "construction," as do the always-free Common Core Project and our Rest Stop area.

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