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We have not been hacked.

Well, actually, we were - in Fall 2018 -  and have been trying to repair the damage ever since.
But content is not missing here because of that or any other problem.

Rather, the hack (and some on-going problems with this site's functionality ever since) have caused us to re-evaluate and ultimately decide to move The Roadmap to a new, simplified-on-purpose platform.
Little by little, we'll be "packing things up" around here and moving to our new digs - but we'll try to keep this address open until we're as sure as we can be that everyone has received our change-of-address notification.

We cleaned out this CONTACT "room" and have "unpacked" its contents over at the new site.
Click below to visit us there.

We will leave messages like this on our other pages as we migrate them, so you'll always know where to find our content.


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