Wise home-educating parents should understand that curriculum and other educational resources are merely tools - just means to an end - and that the heart of homeschooling is a parent's love for and commitment to his/her children, not "the right curriculum." The truth is that any diligent parent can effectively homeschool without specialized, expensive materials; in fact, homeschool veteran Carole Joy Seid has said (accurately, in our view) that it can be done with only a Bible, a library card, and a math book.

With that in mind, The Homeschool Resource Roadmap does not exist to promote the notion that parents must purchase a plethora of curriculum; quite to the contrary, we encourage simplicity and the development of a joyful lifestyle of learning over any sense of servitude to curriculum. However, the project's director realizes that most parents seek resources of various kinds to guide their home learning endeavors, and it's clear by the sheer number of options set before us that entrepreneurs have seized hold of the homeschooling market. So our lists serve to show parents what exists, not to suggest that any of it is a necessity. Use the lists to show you the options and then prayerfully consider which - if any - you should use.

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On March 8, 2013, Tina Hollenbeck launched an effort to contact every provider of curriculum, resources, and material that homeschoolers use in order to ascertain each one's position relative to the Common Core Standards (CCS) - alternately known in some contexts as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) or the College, Career, and Civic Life Framework (C3).

To date, she has contacted or otherwise checked on more than 3,000 entities in terms of CCS/NGSS/C3. She has heard back and/or has discovered clear website statements from about 98% of the providers and is continuing her efforts, working to gain replies from every entity she contacts. The results of that research are located on our Common Core Project page.

Phase 2 of the project - which constitutes the content of much of the rest of this site - began in November 2013, after Tina realized through many discussions in the Facebook group she started in March 2013 along with the database that homeschoolers want a one-stop resource where they can learn important basic information about homeschool-oriented materials. Her on-going compilation of that data began with the launch of the Subject Area Project in January 2015, and has continued with the addition of both a Bypasses section and the extremely comprehensive CURRICULUM GAZETTEER in January 2018. Her goal has been to provide a helpful summary for each and every resource that was included in the initial database.

Additionally, she has added a rather substantial collection of helps to the Rest Stop section - including links to several articles she has written along with other useful information.



Tina Hollenbeck, The Homeschool Resource Roadmap's creator, is a homeschooling mom who passionately advocates for the merits of home education. She launched the research project that birthed the Common Core Project database and later created The Homeschool Resource Roadmap to serve the homeschool community she loves. Through this initiative, she seeks to provide useful information and encouragement so that those called to raise and educate their own children will feel confident that they are equipped for the task.

In addition to educating her own children and directing The Roadmap and its affiliated resources, Tina writes for a number of homeschool- and parenting-related venues, including Ditto, She Wrote. She has also co-authored Celebrating Children's 12 Genius Qualities, was a featured speaker at the 2015 Great Homeschool Conventions in Texas and Ohio, and will likely speak for other GHC events in the future.


We are grateful to many people who have helped along way:

  • Tina's HUSBAND JEFF AND THEIR TWO BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS, who have allowed Tina to devote hundreds - perhaps thousands - of hours to this project since March 2013 and who continuously cheer her on in the process;
  • Tina's CO-ADMINS at The Christian Homeschool Oasis - currently Carla Baker, Emma Brohard, Rob Burley, Amber Hammond, Norine Moss, Naomi Riall, Amy Tennant, and Nikki Warren, as well as a few previous helpers - who selflessly give hours and hours of their time to advise and encourage fellow homeschooling parents;
  • MEMBERS of The Christian Homeschool Oasis and OTHER HOMESCHOOLING FRIENDS, who enthusiastically spread the word about The Homeschool Resource Roadmap;
  • Dear friend KATHY KOCH of Celebrate Kids, Inc., who has helped and advised Tina in many ways over many years and who continues her unwavering support by promoting and praying for this project;
  • Dear friends JERRY PRICE, CRAIG ABRAMS, and JONATHAN PETERS, whose guidance, mentoring, and counsel were instrumental in helping Tina to "grow up" so she could learn to see and begin pursuing God's call for her life;
  • GAIL NELSON, publisher of Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine, who devoted hours - taking time away from her own business endeavors - to help us upgrade this site.

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