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These lists provide information for homeschool parents relative to the Common Core Standards (CCS) - alternately known in some contexts as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), or the College, Career and Civic Life Framework (C3) - currently being implemented across the country.

The 27 MASTER LISTS (one each for Numerical Names and each letter of the alphabet) - as well as the other lists available for download - identify which homeschool-related companies and products have explicitly chosen to align with the CCS/NGSS/C3, which have some sort of ancillary connection, which are correlated, and which have chosen to remain partially or wholly independent. They contain important explanatory notes wherever necessary for clarity.

A separate list also identifies which Standardized Tests have aligned with the CCS/NGSS/C3 and which have not.

The lists are not about passing judgment on any businesses. In fact, homeschooling parents respect each company's right to make business decisions as it sees fit. Additionally, we do not claim any authority to dictate what any parent should choose; rather we honor each parent's God-given right to make educational decisions for his/her own child(ren).

The sole purpose for providing the lists – which are based on publishers' own written and/or verbal statements – is to offer factual full disclosure about a very important educational topic so that homeschooling parents will be able make well-informed educational decisions for their children. Just as these parents make a variety of other choices in terms of curriculum (i.e., creation science vs. evolution, Charlotte Mason vs. classical vs. textbook-style, spiral vs. mastery math), so, too, they should be well informed when it comes to the CCS/NGSS/C3.

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