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Lists Last Updated: 1.18

These lists contain a notation for every homeschool-related entity we have researched.


It's simple!

Just click to open the link that corresponds to the
first letter in the name of the product of interest,
and scroll the list alphabetically.

And to learn why and how we developed this project, click here.

Helpful Tips:

1. It is imperative that readers take time to study and understand this site's definitions for each category; please do not assume you know the meaning of a category name without doing so;

2. Search for publisher names, not individual book titles. In some cases, we do list by book title, but most often we go by publisher names;

3. Do not search using an article (A, An, The). Instead, start with the first significant word in the title (i.e., to find The Mystery of History, look under M for Mystery of History, The);

4. If searching for an author, use the Last Name, First Name rule (i.e., Angela O'Dell is under O'Dell, Angela) unless the person's name is also his/her "brand," in which case you can search for the first name;

5. The notations are color-coded, as follows, to show a bit of extra information about each one's status:

  • responded directly to my queries;
  • make unambiguous statements on their websites;
  • have not yet responded (i.e., are included on the Awaiting a Response list);
  • are suppliers/distributors (not actual curriculum/resource publishers).

6. The site is very mobile-friendly, but the third column of the embedded listings may appear to be cut off on some phones. If that happens, simply turn your phone sideways (i.e., to "landscape" position) to see everything in all three columns.


(with downloads included):


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