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This list contains a notation for every homeschool-related entity I have researched. Company and/or product names are shown according to the standard process for alphabetizing (i.e., if a title starts with A or The, the article is excluded for alphabetizing purposes, and names of individual people are listed by Last Name, First Name).

I strongly recommend carefully reading all notes when considering any of the products. But to summarize my definitions for clarity here:

Independent (IND) = These companies have not changed anything in regards to the CCS/NGSS/C3 and intend to remain independent of the initiative. They may or may not know of ways in which their materials happen to somehow match some aspects of the CCS/NGSS/C3, but any such connections are purely circumstantial and the providers do not endorse/promote the initiative.

Correlated (COR) = Each of these companies is correlated to - which is different than explicit alignment with - the CCS/NGSS/C3. Correlated providers did not make content changes in order to become "aligned" and, in many cases, have indicated concerns with the initiative. However, they do note (usually on their websites) where/how their materials - as written - correlate with aspects of the CCS/NGSS/C3. In other words, they promote where/how they match the CCS/NGSS/C3, but have not actually changed their content to align.

Ancillary Connections (ANC) = Each of these companies has an ancillary connection to the CCS/NGSS/C3. In most cases, the publishers have indicated a preference for maintaining educational independence from the CCS/NGSS/C3 initiative. However, their resources - usually "package programs" - do incorporate some books from explicitly aligned publishers and/or links to explicitly aligned material from other sources. Thus, a child using a resource with an ancillary connection as designed (i.e., without purposeful substitutions made by a parent) will be exposed to some CCS/NGSS/C3 content.

Explicitly Aligned (EXP) = These companies have indicated that they have chosen to explicitly align their materials with the CCS/NGSS/C3. Some have made relatively small changes, and others have completely overhauled their products - or were even initially created based on the initiative. However, in all cases, conscious content changes were made to accommodate the CCS/NGSS/C3.

Other Responses (OTH) = Each of these companies either needs more time to formulate an official response, has indicated that it will only share its position with individual parents, is not interested in sharing its view at all, or did not respond after many attempts to elicit a reply. Check the list itself for details about each entity.

Awaiting a Response (WAIT) = Each of these companies has been queried, but has not yet sent a reply.

Suppliers/Distributors (SUP) = Unless otherwise noted, these companies do not publish any of their own materials or actually produce curriculum and educational products. Instead, they merely sell resources from a wide variety of other outlets, serving as suppliers/distributors. As such, they have not been queried in regard to the CCS/NGSS/C3. And to my knowledge, they all sell a wide variety of materials – whether independent, correlated, ancillarily connected, or explicitly aligned – without regard to any resource's CCS/NGSS/C3 status.

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O'Reilly, Bill WAIT
Oak Meadow COR


Oak Meadow has not changed any current materials to align with the CCS, but “[s]tarting in 2015, any course that is revised will include a list of lesson objectives to...give support to those wishing to align with Common Core standards” and will refer to the CCS as it creates new materials. It says its own educational philosophy will take precedence if there is a conflict between that and CCS recommendations, but, it will consider the CCS. Additionally, Oak Meadow offers a number of AP courses, and while those are not directly covered by the CCS because they are the equivalent of freshmen-level college courses, it's worth noting that all AP courses must be approved by the College Board and that the College Board is in the process of changing AP courses and tests to “reconcile” AP with the CCS. In order to maintain College Board approval, Oak Meadow AP classes will have to make related changes as well.
Ocean First Education COR Ocean First Education “include[s] information about the NGSS components as they relate to each [of its courses].”
Odyssey of the Mind COR Odyssey of the Mind advertises its correlation to the CCS.
ohAmanda IND
Oikonomia: Economics for Life

and Purpose

Okee Dokee Brothers, The IND
Oklahoma Homeschool

(Cindy Downes)

COR Cindy Downes of Oklahoma Homeschool has not and will not change the content of any of her materials in order to align. However, she will likely create documents to show how some of her resources correlate. She feels that if doing so encourages some public school teachers to use her resources - and thus be exposed to the Bible portions of her curriculum even if they don't use that in class - it would be beneficial for evangelistic purposes.
Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, The IND
Old Farmer's Almanac, The IND
Old Western Culture

(Romans Road Media)

Old-Fashioned Education, An IND Nearly all the links on An Old-Fashioned Education are for resources dating to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The site does link to a more current Scott-Foresman online grammar and writing handbook, but that resource appears to pre-date the CCS, as the standards referenced on that site are for a few particular, individual states, not anything resembling the CCS.
Olive Branch Books

(Well-Trained Mind)

IND Olive Branch Books is “the religious-instruction imprint of Well-Trained Mind Press.” Well-Trained Mind materials are independent of the CCS.
Ollie Bollie Books

(Leap Year Publishing)

OTH The parent company for Ollie Bollie Books has stated that it is not interested in sharing its position, either with me or with other individual parents.
Olympus Math EXP Olympus Math is endorsed by Bill Gates' EdSurge website as aligned with the CCS and also advertises its alignment.
On Board Academics EXP On Board advertises its alignment with the CCS.
On Core Math

(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

EXP On Core Math advertises its alignment with the CCS.
On the Mark Press EXP On the Mark Press advertises its alignment with the CCS.
One Third Stories IND

One Third Stories is aligned with the basic European framework of beginners in foreign languages,” rather than the CCS.

One World Education EXP One World Education advertises its alignment with the CCS.
One Year Adventure Novel

(Clear Water Press)

Online Free Spanish OTH

Online Free Spanish was contacted multiple times - at least seven (via email) over the course of several months – and did not respond to any query. I cannot speculate as to why it has chosen not to reply, and I have no discernible way of knowing its position on the CCS/NGSS.

Online G3 WAIT
Online School of Mathematics

(Home Campus)

IND Online School of Mathematics uses curriculum from the country of Singapore, not Singapore math as marketed in the U.S. ANC Though lessons written directly by the owners of are not purposely aligned to the CCS, most of the site's material is aggregated from other sources that do include CCS-aligned resources. And the site does promote those connections.
OnlineScribblers WAIT
Ooka Island EXP Ooka Island advertises its alignment with the CCS.
Open Culture ANC Open Culture recommends a wide variety of educational resources, many of which are not aligned. However, quite a few of its recommendations (i.e., Khan, IXL, National Geographic, CK-12, etc.) are explicitly aligned.
Open Curriculum EXP Open Curriculum says it is site for “teacher-curated and common core standards-aligned sets of high-quality lessons, activities, and assessments.”
Open Texture IND
OpenEd EXP OpenEd advertises its alignment with the CCS.
OpenStax ANC


In addition to other material, OpenStax offers AP resources. Though AP material is not directly covered by the CCS because it is the equivalent of freshmen-level college courses, it's worth noting that all AP courses must be approved by the College Board and that the College Board is in the process of changing AP courses and tests to “reconcile” AP with the CCS. In order to maintain College Board approval, books used via OpenStax will have to make related changes as well. In regards to non-AP material, we are awaing a response from OpenStax.

In regards to non-AP classes, “OpenStax Library is currently gear[d] towards the college market. [But it is] working on adaptations for algebra that will follow NGSS guidelines.”

Ophelia Project EXP According to the Ophelia Project website, “All Ophelia Project curriculum published after 2010 is aligned to Common Core State Standards, CDC National Health Education Standards, and ISTE National Education Technology Standards (where applicable). Each program manual includes a list of applicable standards.”
Orange (The reThink Group) IND Orange/Core Essentials is aligned with the Character Education Partnership’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education.
Oregon Scientific EXP Beginning in early 2016, Oregon Scientific will create products specifically designed to align with the NGSS.
OrganWise Guys, The COR The OrganWise Guys advertises its correlation with the CCS.
Origo Education COR

Origo Education advertises its correlations to the CCS.

Ornament Publications IND
Orton Gillingham Online Academy COR As of April 2016, “Plans are underway to list the CCS that align with the Orton Gillingham Approach on [the Orton Gillingham Online Academy] website.”
Osmo COR

Osmo advertises that it “fosters learning in...common core.”

Ouino Languages IND
Our Daily Bread Christian University IND
Our Father's House SUP
Our Journey Westward IND
Our Lady of Victory IND
Our Lady's Honor Guard

(Behold Publications)

Outschool IND


Outschool offers online classes by independent teachers. ...[And] the content and format of classes is entirely in the hands of teachers. Outschool has no role in setting curriculum.” Thus, though Outschool hopes to add a feature through which “teachers [could] indicate if their classes are aligned with any standards” in the future, there is currently no way to confirm the status of any Outschool course unless those interested in the classes contact each individual instructor to discern his/her position on the CCS/NGSS/C3.

Outside the Box Creation EXP

Outside the Box Creation is “geared toward the National Core Art Standards,” which is aligned with the CCS. It also “already reinforce[s] C3 principles.”

Outside the Brick IND
Owl & Mouse IND
Owl Kids Publications COR Owl Kids has produced teacher's guides to correlate its resources to the CCS.
Owlegories IND
Oxford Owl IND
Oxford University Press IND


Oxford University Press materials are aligned with UK standards rather than with the CCS. However, several of its resources are also based on International Baccalaureate standards, which are aligned with the CCS.

Ozobot COR

Ozobot has “not altered any material to align with any standards...but when creating lessons and other content for the lesson library, [it does] try to cite all standards that apply,” including the CCS.


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