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This list contains a notation for every homeschool-related entity I have researched. Company and/or product names are shown according to the standard process for alphabetizing (i.e., if a title starts with A or The, the article is excluded for alphabetizing purposes, and names of individual people are listed by Last Name, First Name).

I strongly recommend carefully reading all notes when considering any of the products. But to summarize my definitions for clarity here:

Independent (IND) = These companies have not changed anything in regards to the CCS/NGSS/C3 and intend to remain independent of the initiative. They may or may not know of ways in which their materials happen to somehow match some aspects of the CCS/NGSS/C3, but any such connections are purely circumstantial and the providers do not endorse/promote the initiative.

Correlated (COR) = Each of these companies is correlated to - which is different than explicit alignment with - the CCS/NGSS/C3. Correlated providers did not make content changes in order to become "aligned" and, in many cases, have indicated concerns with the initiative. However, they do note (usually on their websites) where/how their materials - as written - correlate with aspects of the CCS/NGSS/C3. In other words, they promote where/how they match the CCS/NGSS/C3, but have not actually changed their content to align.

Ancillary Connections (ANC) = Each of these companies has an ancillary connection to the CCS/NGSS/C3. In most cases, the publishers have indicated a preference for maintaining educational independence from the CCS/NGSS/C3 initiative. However, their resources - usually "package programs" - do incorporate some books from explicitly aligned publishers and/or links to explicitly aligned material from other sources. Thus, a child using a resource with an ancillary connection as designed (i.e., without purposeful substitutions made by a parent) will be exposed to some CCS/NGSS/C3 content.

Explicitly Aligned (EXP) = These companies have indicated that they have chosen to explicitly align their materials with the CCS/NGSS/C3. Some have made relatively small changes, and others have completely overhauled their products - or were even initially created based on the initiative. However, in all cases, conscious content changes were made to accommodate the CCS/NGSS/C3.

Other Responses (OTH) = Each of these companies either needs more time to formulate an official response, has indicated that it will only share its position with individual parents, is not interested in sharing its view at all, or did not respond after many attempts to elicit a reply. Check the list itself for details about each entity.

Awaiting a Response (WAIT) = Each of these companies has been queried, but has not yet sent a reply.

Suppliers/Distributors (SUP) = Unless otherwise noted, these companies do not publish any of their own materials or actually produce curriculum and educational products. Instead, they merely sell resources from a wide variety of other outlets, serving as suppliers/distributors. As such, they have not been queried in regard to the CCS/NGSS/C3. And to my knowledge, they all sell a wide variety of materials – whether independent, correlated, ancillarily connected, or explicitly aligned – without regard to any resource's CCS/NGSS/C3 status.

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QEB Publishing

(U.S. Imprint of QED Publishing)

Quality Science Labs IND
Quantile (MetaMetrics) EXP Quantile is the mathematics-focused branch of MetaMetrics, which also owns Lexile. MetaMetrics endorses the CCS, was given grant money from the Gates Foundation for the purpose of aligning, and advertises Quantile's alignment with the CCS.
Quarks and Quirks Biology ANC Though most of the books used by Quarks and Quirks Biology are published by companies that are now aligned with the CCS (i.e., The Great Books Foundation, Jossey-Bass, Prentice Hall), the program requires only pre-CCS versions from 2001 and 2005 of those texts. However, it also requires the use of Bozeman Science, which is explicitly aligned with the NGSS.
Quartermile Math IND The CCS has no influence on Quartermile, which is correlated to earlier state standards and educational research. It's possible that Quartermile may be correlated to the CCS at some point, but the program's actual content will not be changed, and the publisher has no plans to show correlations at this time. IND
Quaver Music COR Quaver Music advertises that it “seeks to meet and exceed the National Core Arts Standards” and also shows correlations to those standards. The National Core Arts Standards are aligned to the CCS.
Queen Homeschool Supplies IND
Queen of Heaven Academy IND Queen of Heaven Academy is aware that Math-U-See, one of its math resources, has aligned the 2013 editions of its elementary books with the CCS. But Queen of Heaven's “courses are set up so older versions of Math-U-See texts may be used rather than the newer versions which contain the CCS.” And where it uses books from other now-aligned companies (i.e., Pearson, Glencoe), the editions pre-date 2010 (when the CCS first began to be implemented). Queen of Heaven intends to continue purposely using pre-CCS books and to also write its own materials because “remaining faithful to the magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church is [its number one] priority.”
Quest Clubs IND
Quick Study Labs IND
Quill EXP Quill advertises its alignment with the CCS.
Quilty Box IND
Quizlet IND


Quizlet material is user-generated. When utilizing content generated by others, one should be mindful that some content is aligned with the CCS and some is not.
QuizLife IND QuizLife is owned by the company that also owns; its resources are all independent of the CCS.


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