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This list contains a notation for every homeschool-related entity I have researched. Company and/or product names are shown according to the standard process for alphabetizing (i.e., if a title starts with A or The, the article is excluded for alphabetizing purposes, and names of individual people are listed by Last Name, First Name).

I strongly recommend carefully reading all notes when considering any of the products. But to summarize my definitions for clarity here:

Independent (IND) = These companies have not changed anything in regards to the CCS/NGSS/C3 and intend to remain independent of the initiative. They may or may not know of ways in which their materials happen to somehow match some aspects of the CCS/NGSS/C3, but any such connections are purely circumstantial and the providers do not endorse/promote the initiative.

Correlated (COR) = Each of these companies is correlated to - which is different than explicit alignment with - the CCS/NGSS/C3. Correlated providers did not make content changes in order to become "aligned" and, in many cases, have indicated concerns with the initiative. However, they do note (usually on their websites) where/how their materials - as written - correlate with aspects of the CCS/NGSS/C3. In other words, they promote where/how they match the CCS/NGSS/C3, but have not actually changed their content to align.

Ancillary Connections (ANC) = Each of these companies has an ancillary connection to the CCS/NGSS/C3. In most cases, the publishers have indicated a preference for maintaining educational independence from the CCS/NGSS/C3 initiative. However, their resources - usually "package programs" - do incorporate some books from explicitly aligned publishers and/or links to explicitly aligned material from other sources. Thus, a child using a resource with an ancillary connection as designed (i.e., without purposeful substitutions made by a parent) will be exposed to some CCS/NGSS/C3 content.

Explicitly Aligned (EXP) = These companies have indicated that they have chosen to explicitly align their materials with the CCS/NGSS/C3. Some have made relatively small changes, and others have completely overhauled their products - or were even initially created based on the initiative. However, in all cases, conscious content changes were made to accommodate the CCS/NGSS/C3.

Other Responses (OTH) = Each of these companies either needs more time to formulate an official response, has indicated that it will only share its position with individual parents, is not interested in sharing its view at all, or did not respond after many attempts to elicit a reply. Check the list itself for details about each entity.

Awaiting a Response (WAIT) = Each of these companies has been queried, but has not yet sent a reply.

Suppliers/Distributors (SUP) = Unless otherwise noted, these companies do not publish any of their own materials or actually produce curriculum and educational products. Instead, they merely sell resources from a wide variety of other outlets, serving as suppliers/distributors. As such, they have not been queried in regard to the CCS/NGSS/C3. And to my knowledge, they all sell a wide variety of materials – whether independent, correlated, ancillarily connected, or explicitly aligned – without regard to any resource's CCS/NGSS/C3 status.

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W.W. Norton ANC W.W. Norton offers materials used in AP courses, which are not directly covered by the CCS because they are the equivalent of freshmen-level college courses. However, it's worth noting that the College Board is in the process of changing AP courses and tests to “reconcile” AP with the CCS. Thus, because W.W. Norton “look[s] to the College Board standards,” its materials will reflect CCS expectations in AP courses.
Walch Education (Power Basics) EXP Walch advertises its alignment with the CCS.
Walden Media COR Walden Media is producing teaching resources correlated to the CCS.
Waldorf Essentials IND
WallBuilders IND
Walter Foster Publishing IND As of now, Walter Foster has no plans to incorporate the CCS into its material. It's possible – though not currently under consideration – that the company may use CCS-related work going forward, as it does “publish [its] books using the best content available and [is] happy to work with educators across the board to define how [its] books can be used to supplement and enrich a curriculum.”
Ward's Science EXP Ward's Science advertises its alignment with NGSS (NGSS).
Warfare by Duct Tape IND
Wasko Lit IND
WatchKnowLearn EXP WatchKnowLearn provides a resource – under the Common Core and Classrooms categories on its home page - for teachers seeking videos to support particular aspects of the CCS. It does say it provides non-aligned video resources through the Directory portion of its home page, but the content reached through the Directory appears to be the same as that which is accessed through the Common Core and Classrooms categories.
Watch My Words IND
Way to Happiness, The IND As of December 2014, The Way to Happiness was “looking into” ways to align its materials to the CCS, but it is currently independent of the initiative.
We All Can Read IND
We Choose Virtues IND We Choose Virtues may choose to show correlations to the CCS in a product line marketed to public schools, but it has not done so at this time.
We the People Fight Tyranny Game IND
Weather Wiz Kids IND

(Alpha Omega Publications)

IND Alpha Omega Publications has purposed to avoid using any CCS-related resources when making any revisions to any of its product lines, including Weaver.
WebMath (Discovery Education) EXP WebMath is a subsidiary of Discovery Education, which advertises its alignment with the CCS.
Webster's Academy for Excellence in Writing IND Webster's Academy utilizes Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) materials and agrees with the IEW position on the CCS.
Webucator IND
Wee Bee World IND Wee Bee World may correlate its content to the CCS at some point but has no immediate plans to do so.
Wee Folk Art Homeschool Companion IND

Wee Folk Art's “Simple Seasons schedules an optional alphabet and phonics introduction into the program,” recommending the use of “the Explode the Code series books A, B, and C as a starting point.” Explode the Code is correlated to the CCS, but users can substitute a different program if desired to avoid CCS connections.

Wee Folk Art IND
Wee Sing COR Wee Sing advertises that it “prepares early learners in many ways that aid in implementing Common Core Standards.”
Well-Trained Mind Academy ANC

Many resources used with Well-Trained Mind Academy are independent of the CCS. However, the program does incorporate some required texts from aligned companies (i.e., Pearson, Longman, Prentice-Hall). In most cases, the Academy currently uses pre-CCS editions (i.e., books published prior to 2010). However, a chemistry book and a middle school composition book published by aligned companies have post-2010 copyright dates.

Well-Trained Mind IND Though Susan Wise Bauer's own educational materials are not aligned, she recommends resources from a wide variety of publishers in her seminal resource, The Well-Trained Mind (TWTM). The CCS did not exist when TWTM was first published, and the book's latest edition came out in 2009 (just prior to the introduction of the CCS), but some of the providers mentioned in the book may have since chosen to align. Thus, readers seeking non-aligned resources should check out the CCS position of the entities discussed in TWTM.
Wesleyan Publishing House IND

Wesleyan Publishing House “partners with David C. Cook for our children’s curriculum.” David C. Cook's material is independent of the CCS.

Western Christian Academy IND Western Christian Academy uses Alpha-Omega product lines for all of its courses.
What Do We Do All Day? IND

The owner of What Do We Do All Day? recommends resources from other providers on her website, some of which may have connections to the CCS. However, her own resource ideas are independent of the initiative.

What So Proudly We Hail COR What So Proudly We Hail advertises the connection this curriculum has with the new Common Core State Standards,” indicating that “the headnotes, conversation excerpts, and...guiding questions that accompany each of the texts in [the] curriculum” match reading and analysis techniques advocated in the CCS. That said, the company has no plans to actually alter its content for the CCS.
What's in the Bible? IND
Wheelock's Latin IND
Whistlefritz IND
White Mountain Puzzles IND
Whizz Pop Bang IND

Whizz Pop Bang is aligned with UK National Standards rather than the CCS.

Who's Counting

(Teacher's Professional Resource)

EXP Who's Counting advertises its alignment with the CCS.
Whooo's Reading EXP Whooo's Reading advertises that it has “CCSS-aligned comprehension questions.”
Why-Games? SUP
Wikki Stix IND
Wildflower Toys IND
Wiley EXP Wiley advertises its alignment with the CCS.
Williamsburg Academy COR Course content at Williamsburg Academy has not been changed, but the program has been correlated to the CCS because the Academy has partnered with a Nevada charter school that required it of them.
Williamsburg Educational Programs COR In response to my query, I was told that “Colonial Williamsburg is dedicated to teaching accurate high quality history and civics lessons. You are welcome to review our offerings and draw your own conclusions with respect to your questions.” Thus, I did review the WEP offerings and determined that, while it does not appear that the programs have actually been changed to align with the CCS, correlation is clear.
WiloStar3D IND WiloStar3D is aligned to pre-CCS Florida state standards, not the CCS, and has chosen after careful study to remain as such. Though it does primarily recommend Teaching Textbooks (non-aligned) for math, it may suggest other math programs at parent request. Those wanting to avoid the CCS should confirm the CCS status of the recommendations before proceeding.
Wilson Hill Academy IND


Some regular classes offered by Wilson Hill Academy do not include any aligned books, but others utilize both correlated (i.e., Jane Schaffer Writing Program) and explicitly aligned (i.e., Math in Focus, secondary-level Singapore Math) resources. Additionally, the academy offers a number of AP courses, and while those are not directly covered by the CCS because they are the equivalent of freshmen-level college courses, it's worth noting that all AP courses must be approved by the College Board and that the College Board is in the process of changing AP courses and tests to “reconcile” AP with the CCS. In order to maintain College Board approval, Wilson Hill Academy AP classes will have to make related changes as well.
Wilson Language Training EXP Wilson Language Training advertises its alignment with the CCS.
WilsonDailyPrep EXP
Windy City Stories IND
Wings to Soar Online Academy ANC Wings to Soar aims to use what it considers to be “quality curricular customize learning options for those using [its] online school” and acknowledges that many – but not all – of its resources are explicitly aligned to the CCS.
Winning with Writing

(Jac Kris Publishing)

Winsor Learning

(The Sonday System)

COR Winsor Learning advertises its correlation with the CCS.
Winston Grammar IND
Winter Promise IND
Wise Reckoning IND
Wit & Wisdom (Great Minds) EXP Wit & Wisdom was created for the CCS and – under the auspices of its parent company, Common Core Inc. - received grant money from the Gates Foundation for the purpose of aligning.
Wittenberg Academy IND
Wizcabulary EXP
Wolfram Programming Lab IND


Wolfram Programming Lab's content is rather “open source” - i.e., it is written by any of the site's users. As such, it includes a fair amount of material that has been written specifically to the CCS, and Wolfram has also partnered with CK-12, which is explicitly aligned to the CCS. However, some content is independent of the CCS, and one may access the latter without reference to the former.
WolframAlpha IND Though Wolfram Programming Lab is both independent of and explicitly aligned to the CCS – see note below – WolframAlpha, as a research tool, has no content connection to the CCS.
Wonder Workshop EXP

Wonder Workshop advertises that it has “comprehensive lesson plans aligned to Common Core and NGSS standards.”

WonderMaps (Bright Ideas Press) IND
Wonderopolis EXP Wonderopolis advertises that it “purposefully aligns” with the CCS.
Wondrous Worksheets OTH

Wondrous Worksheets has stated that it is not interested in sharing its position, either with me or with other individual parents.

Woodbine House SUP
Woodland Indian Educational Programs OTH Woodland Indian Educational Programs was contacted multiple times over the course of several months and did not respond to any query. I cannot speculate as to why it's chosen not to reply, and I have no discernible way of knowing its overall position on the CCS/NGSS .
Woodside Learning Center IND
Woodworker's Library, The COR

Materials published by The Woodworker's Library “meet the rigorous Common Core State Standards.”

woolpets WAIT
Word Central (Merriam-Webster) ANC Because Word Central uses a technique called “reading and marking” - whereby “accumulated evidence...for English as it is used in books, magazines, newspapers, and so on” is collected as the site's editors “read and mark a wide variety of classroom materials, from popular textbooks to a large selection of classic and modern children's literature,” it's probable that it has ancillary connections to the CCS (i.e., through inclusion of CCS key words in the textbooks that are analyzed) especially because all mainstream textbook publishers have aligned.
Word Game Time EXP
Word Monsters, The (MindConnex) EXP The Word Monsters advertises that it employs. “US Common Core Standard aligned information.”
Wordly Wise (EPS) COR Wordly Wise advertises its correlation to the CCS.
WordPlay Shakespeare

(The New Book Press)

Wordsmiths (Frode Jensen) IND
Wordsworth Editions IND
WordUp! The Vocab Show
(Compass Classroom)
Workman Publishing EXP Workman Publishing advertises that “all [its] content aligns with national Common Core State Standards.”
Works People, The IND
Worksheet Fun IND
Worksheet Genius IND Worksheet Genius is designed around the UK National Curriculum.
Worksheet Universe COR Worksheet Universe shows how many of its sheets match the CCS. COR content has not been altered for the CCS, but a search for “common core” on the site reveals worksheets that are “based on the common core standards.” OTH was contacted multiple times - at least seven over the course of several months – and did not respond to any query. I cannot speculate as to why it has chosen not to reply, and I have no discernible way of knowing its position on the CCS/NGSS .
World and I Kids EXP
World Atlas IND World Atlas may consider the CCS at some point but has no immediate plans to do so.
World Book COR World Book advertises that it “supports the Common Core,” and it promotes common core materials as part of its Typical Course of Study outline.
World History Institute IND
WORLD Magazine IND
World Video Bible School IND
Worldview Academy IND
Worldview Matters IND
Worldview Weekend IND Worldview Weekend links extensively to anti-CCS information.
Worthy Publishing Group IND Worthy Publishing Group is not correlated or aligned at this time, but the company is still evaluating the CCS so its status may eventually change.
Wow Writing Workshop IND
WowzaBrain IND
Wowzers EXP Wowzers is endorsed by Bill Gates' EdSurge website as aligned with the CCS and also advertises its alignment.
Wright on Time IND
Write at Home IND
Write Bonnie Rose IND
Write Bright EXP The Write Bright website details its alignment to the CCS.
Write for College! IND
Write for Success Today IND
Write Foundation, The IND
Write from the Heart IND ANC Write from the Heart offers an AP English course. Though not directly covered by the CCS because it is the equivalent of freshmen-level college courses, it's worth noting that all AP classes must be approved by the College Board and that the College Board is in the process of changing AP courses and tests to “reconcile” AP with the CCS. In order to maintain College Board approval, the AP class offered by Write for the Heart may have to make related changes as well.

It is worth noting, though, that Write from the Heart has always placed parental authority and biblical standards above AP literature suggestions; thus, it's possible that the program's author may also seek ways to work around any CCS-related AP course content changes. And non- AP Write from the Heart material is independent of the initiative.

Write Minded Education IND Write Minded Education may choose at some point to demonstrate correlations to the CCS but has no immediate plans to do so in a formal way.
Write Source

(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Write with WORLD IND
Write-On Handwriting IND
WriteShop IND
WriteWell EXP WriteWell advertises – on its home page – that it teaches “Common Core Essays” and “Common Core Writing.”
Writing & Spelling Road to Reading & Thinking, The

(The Riggs Institute)

Writing for Today

(Frontier 2000 Media)

Writing Foundations IND
Writing Strands IND
Writing Tales IND
Writing to God's Glory (Jill Bond) OTH

Writing to God's Glory was contacted multiple times over the course of several months and did not respond to any query. I cannot speculate as to why it has chosen not to reply, and I have no discernible way of knowing its position on the CCS/NGSS/C3. I welcome any response it may choose to provide at some point in the future. However, I believe I've given ample opportunity for each to respond and will not be sending additional queries.

Writing with Ease

(and Writing with Skill)

(Well-Trained Mind)

Writing with Kris COR

Writing with Kris advertises that its “classes contribute to meeting state standards, including common core.”

Writing with Sharon Watson IND
Wyldflower Yoga COR

As of Fall 2017, Wyldflower Yoga “[doesn't] specifically align [its] content with CCS/NGSS/C3.” However, the company's co-owner and production manager ”[has] worked with CCS on prior projects, [knows] some of [its] content aligns with [the CCS], and...hope[s] to align more directly in the future.”


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