How-To Helps

Do you need help with some of the basics of home education? If so, check out our helpful articles, each written by Tina Hollenbeck with homeschooling parents in mind:

Consider also checking out Ditto, She Wrote, a blog Tina co-authors with friend Nikki, for more helpful insight.

If you are wondering what "kind" of homeschooler you are,
we highly recommend this incredibly helpful "quiz" from ECLECTIC HOMESCHOOLING.
We have utilized the category labels from this quiz in our Curriculum Gazetteer.


We also recommend these helpful articles from other sources:

As well as these books:

NOTE: If you cannot acquire a bound copy of The Underground History of American Education, consider downloading and printing the full text here, which the author has made available since the book is now out of print. It is well worth the cost of paper, ink, and binding!

And these DVDs:

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