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Gazetteer is an old-fashioned word for a geographical directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas. The concept originated in first-century China and has since been used in many contexts. For example, a world gazetteer "usually consist[s] of an alphabetical listing of countries, with pertinent statistics for each one, [and]...information on individual cities, towns, villages, and other settlements of varying sizes." Short-form, descriptive, and thematic gazetteers of one sort or another also exist.

With that and our "roadmap theme" in mind, we've borrowed the term to create a comprehensive CURRICULUM GAZETTEER for home-educating parents. Our gazetteer is The Homeschool Resource Roadmap's piéce de résistance, as it individually lists every homeschool-related resource of which we're aware - more than 3,000 so far - providing descriptive information for each one. It combines in one place for each resource the data included in our Common Core, Subject Area, and Bypasses projects, along with additional summative information in an easy-to-read format like this:


Resource Name

Website URL

Subject Area: Content
Age (Grade) Level
Common Core Position(s)


As with our Subject Area and Bypasses projects, access to the CURRICULUM GAZETTEER is via PAID SUBSCRIPTION.

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